CoSign: Collaborative Single Sign-On  

Cosign Authentication Filter
Specification & UM Example Installation

In cosign parlance, an 'authentication filter' is the piece of software required on a web or application server to participate in the single sign-on & proxy environment. Authentication filters are available or in development for: Apache 1.3.x, Apache 2.x, IIS, J2EE.

If you are interested in developing an authentication filter, send a note to the mailing list, and we'll get you started.



Authentication Filter Installation Demo: 4th March 2003

Mark Montague, UM LS&A IT, showed ACSF members how to set up Cosign on an Apache web server and how to get commercial web-based applications to work with Cosign.

His presentation is included below in PDF and PowerPoint formats with all talking notes included.

Cosign Demo ( pdf )
Cosign Demo ( ppt )

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