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cosign Source Code and Installers
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Apache Filter & Weblogin Server:

See our change log for revision information: changelog.txt

Versions of cosign older than 3.0 have an architectural flaw (detailed here). New users of cosign should select the latest cosign 3 release for download. Existing legacy cosign installations should upgrade to cosign 3 as soon as possible. An overview of that process may be found here.

  • cosign-3.2.0.tar.gz
    [ SHA256 6eb6ad1691c27f8f2a99611afe0ec951da626246f75b01435e615c25cde6a242 ]
    [ SHA1 a817b755d6227d9528058d28494835248189061c ]
    [ RIPEMD160 b5b81e78c522886c48c95b411a2ba50679a3dede ]
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    NOTE: the cosign 3.0 apache filters are incompatible with earlier versions of the cosign weblogin software.

Friend guest account system:

Windows Module:

Module for Windows 2008/IIS 7.

Windows Filter:

Filter for Windows 2003/IIS 6.

Java cosign Filter:

  • JavaCosign 3.0.0
    [ SHA256 77268007ec32e539a91eea6dc2a1b241d9b50ff634227baca27db84db73e897a ]
    [ SHA1 aaead8056351fdd1c2e6652bc9477f218f6d1cb3 ]
    [ RMD160 492a15edf9d6129bbb240bea499c2570c771c44b ]


Legacy AuthZ Resources:

These documents are outdated. They are included here as an historical reference. The cosign project recommends using mod_authnz_ldap for authZ in modern cosign deployments.


Older Versions:

  • Please see our attic for previous releases of cosign.

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